Our agency can build a digital marketing strategy for eyewear brands that incorporates geo-framing technology. This technology does not use cookies, and instead targets device ID’s down to the square meter. For example, if you know your customers are on the beach – or visiting a brick and mortar retailer like Sunglass Hut, we can draw a geo-frame around those areas and deliver targeted ads to anyone who steps into the geo-frame. These advertisements drive high CTR traffic to optimized landing pages allowing us to convert on sales.

King Sixteen has been working with eyewear brands over the last six years – and we have developed some unique strategies that have increased sales for our clients. Not all products are created equal, and we have tailored a unique strategy for brands. It starts with creative and ends with utilizing technology that your competition hasn’t discovered yet.

Here’s what our agency can offer for our clients in digital marketing:

  • Advertising Creative
  • Geo-Frame Marketing
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Ad Consulting
  • Facebook / IG / LinkedIn Marketing
  • Web Creative
  • Wholesale Client Acquisition

We encourage you to reach out to our agency if you are struggling to grow your brand. We have helped countless companies reach new customers through exceptional ad creative and new marketing technologies. If you are not using geo-framing technology right now, you are missing out on new customers and losing money. Let King Sixteen help market and grow your eyewear brand!

Let’s do something amazing together…

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