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Esquire Magazine and Rabbit Hole teamed up to offer guests an adventure into the inner workings of a state-of-the-art Bourbon distillery during the sixth largest sporting event in the US, The Kentucky Derby. This closing dinner and party featured sensational live entertainment and roaming oddities as patrons were able to explore the facility while encountering refined cocktails and exceptional food. Rabbit Hole has a rarefied approach to Whiskey making, and our agency was honoured to produce an evening where guests understand… ‘there is no going back’.

Design & Fabrication

We work with vendors from all over the country, and we have developed tight-knit relationships with companies capable of bringing life to the vision we offer our partners. Our fabrication teams are industry leading experts in their respective fields. We would love to take credit for the incredible decor and custom builds we have produced over the years, but this credit goes to a network of battle tested experts we simply bring into the fold. 

Experiential Marketing
Event Management

Developing systems to streamline the guest experience is key. 

We tend to over think things, and that’s our job. Any activation where guest experience is top priority requires detailed planning and oversight. We place resourceful and talented people into positions to help events run smoothly. This often requires security personnel, VIP handlers, concierge hosts, talent managers and more. If you are seeking a competent agency to manage and elevate guest experience, let’s connect!

Talent Purchasing

Music booking and advancing is a tricky business where inexperienced brands can be taken advantage of. We have purchased $3M+ dollars of live entertainment in the last three years, so we know a thing or two about saving time and finding value for our brands.  

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