Proud To Belong

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Ray Ban


Custom Fabrication

Unique paths and universal emotions: the Ray-Ban #ProudToBelong campaign spotlights the human moments that connect us and let us find our sense of belonging. Our agency was tasked with concepting, creative design, fabrication, and staffing of their 2019 key accounts campaigns. 

Activation Concepting

Our agency pitched a custom Polaroid rig that would showcase the brand while providing interactive utility for consumers.

Rather than a static individual taking handheld Polaroid shots for guest keepsakes, we devised a portable and branded system that featured both campaign collateral, Bluetooth triggers, and reflective black acrylic top so customers could try on new frames seamlessly. 

Device ID Targeting

This emerging technology allows our partners to pursue sales through to the end consumer, while taking the guesswork out of “project success”. We capture unique Device ID’s within our activation spaces with high accuracy. This affords us the opportunity to direct market to consumers who interacted with our campaigns long after they have left the store or event space; extending the duration in which sales can be proven through measurable marketing. 

“We are a collective of tastemakers and problem solvers that work directly with national brands seeking to activate across the US.”

Tyler Anderson – Senior Partner at King Sixteen

Design & Fabrication

Our team and vendors are exceptionally skilled in their trades, enabling our agency to exceed expectations when it comes to custom projects on tight deadlines. We provide our partners a one-stop-shop for creative services and streamline the manufacturing process on their behalf. By working directly with proven vendors, King Sixteen removes the middle man and oversees projects from start to finish. 


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