Planning Your Corporate Event in a Post-COVID World

In a post-COVID world, the planning and executing of a successful corporate event can feel overwhelming. Numerous factors require consideration when deciding how to run the event, as guests want to know their health is a top priority to their host. Pairing with a corporate event planner to set up and manage your event is an excellent way to put you and your guests’ nerves at rest.

Planning Your Corporate Event in a Post-COVID World

Planning a corporate event presents unique logistical challenges in the best of times. With society struggling to establish a new normal, the stress associated with event planning has increased. In 2022, you aren’t merely tasked with the responsibility of providing your guests with an enjoyable event. You’re also shouldering the burden of helping to keep them safe as they attend your event.

While it would be nice if a post-COVID world meant we could snap our fingers and return to life before 2020, that isn’t the case. However, don’t let uncertainty prevent you from holding the event your business needs. Hosting a corporate event in this brand-new world is much easier with a team, such as King Sixteen, handling the leg work. Our planners are well versed in the best practices to keep your attendees safe and comfortable while putting on a fantastic event.

Maintain Standard Safety Precautions

To guarantee your guests’ peace of mind and safety, continue to follow the COVID-19 safety precautions that society has become familiar with over the past few years. By now, most of your attendees will be familiar with the routine practices that accompany gatherings of people. Your corporate event planner will work with you to create an event that impresses your guests and follows safety standards.

Digital Screening

Keep your participants safe by requiring attendants to fill out health monitoring questionnaires. Short health surveys help track illness and catch potential outbreaks before they spread. For convenience, health questionnaires can be emailed or texted to participants daily. Attendees will ascertain their health status by answering a series of questions. In addition, the survey will instruct them not to attend the event if they have certain symptoms.

Temperature Checks

Consider the benefits of having medical professionals complete temperature checks on attendees before entering the event. This process is quick and non-invasive and can occur while the attendee shows their ticket or badge for entry to the event. An elevated temperature would mean the attendee could not enter the event without receiving a negative COVID test.

On-Location COVID Testing

COVID testing has evolved over the past two years, and testing no longer requires a multi-day wait for results. With rapid testing now readily available, some companies choose to require a negative COVID test from all attendees before allowing entrance to the event. Alternatively, you could also decide to have rapid testing available to attendees if they have a fever during the temperature check or begin to feel ill, but not make testing mandatory for all participants.

Keep in mind, whatever you require of attendees, you’ll need to take equal precautions for the venue staff members, vendors, and presenters. If you offer rapid on-site tests, you’ll want to hire a company to handle the testing. Medical providers will follow proper testing protocol and help your guests feel confident in their decision to attend your event.

Maintain Rigid Cleanliness Standards

When planning the timeline for the event, it’s essential to allow for time to disinfect common areas. Having a set schedule for when rooms will be vacated for sanitation and cleaning will help things run smoothly and prevent the chance of spread should there be a COVID exposure.

In addition, all professional equipment such as microphones and PowerPoint remotes will need regular disinfection. Desks, doorknobs, and communal area surfaces that multiple people use should be sanitized throughout the event.

A Corporate Event Planner Will Make Staying Safe a Breeze

Even after two years, old habits die hard. Most of the individuals attending your events will be familiar with the constant hand-shaking standard that was typical in most industries before COVID struck. Event-appropriate signage that reminds attendees not to shake hands and maintain social distancing measures let participants know that though we are in a post-pandemic world, it is still wise to proceed with caution.

Crowd Control

When dealing with massive groups, it may be beneficial to designate traffic routes to help keep attendees from bottle-necking and becoming grouped. Depending on the layout of your event space, having one-way aisles and hallways can help prevent participants from overcrowding.

Finally, don’t underestimate the usefulness of physical barriers to help guide the flow of lines and physical markers on the floor to help enforce proper spacing in areas where participants will have to wait.

Provide Supplies

Make it simple for your participants to stay healthy. For example, offering complimentary individually-wrapped masks at entrances and places where attendees may need to remove their face coverings keeps safety requests from feeling bothersome.

In addition, touchless hand sanitizers placed conveniently around the space will help attendees keep their hands clean when they cannot wash them with soap and water physically. If your event is offering swag bags, in addition to your usual offerings, include bonuses like facemasks with your company’s logo on them, mini hand sanitizers, alcohol wipes, and even mini ultraviolet sanitizing lights.

Let Attendees Feel Proactive

For conferences or events that require attendees to be seated at desks or tables, provide each desk or table disinfecting wipes. Even though you will still need to sanitize all common spaces throughout the event, this will allow participants to wipe down their area as they go. The easy access to disinfecting wipes will allow attendees to do their part to limit germs and show them you take their health seriously.

Location, Location, Location

No longer is choosing a suitable venue location as simple as finding the right size building that fits your budget. If there’s one thing COVID has made clear regarding event planning, it’s the importance of finding a venue that will allow you the flexibility to adapt in the face of the unexpected.

A location with an accommodative policy regarding postponement and cancellation is a must. Should a COVID outbreak occur and gathering sizes become limited, you’ll want the ability to change your date or make your event virtual.

Communicate Clearly With Vendors

Speakers and vendors will each have their individualized policies regarding cancelation and rescheduling. Be aware of how close you can ask them to reschedule or cancel and note it in your vendor agreement.

If it looks like your event could be rescheduled, reach out to vendors and speakers as soon as possible. This action is not only the professional thing to do, but it also increases the chances that they will be accommodating and more likely to do business with you in the future.

Ask Your Planner for Recommendations

One of the numerous benefits of partnering with a corporate event planner is the insider knowledge they bring to the table regarding venues and vendors. In addition, your planner has industry-wide connections that they can use to help you find the ideal partners for your event. They can also handle the logistics, from finding you a venue to managing vendors and speakers and rescheduling and adapting the plan if necessary.

Take the Party Outside

Depending on your event and location, it may be worth moving the festivities outdoors. Outdoor events grew in popularity during the pandemic, and their popularity hasn’t waned even as things return to some semblance of normal.

Hosting your event outside makes it easier for people to spread out, and the fresh air allows the virus particles to dissipate. If you think you may experience difficulty convincing participants to wear masks consistently, an outdoor event is a smart move.

Watch the Weather

While hosting an outdoor event can ease your stress in some ways, it can bring new challenges. When your event is outdoors, you are at the mercy of the weather, which means keeping a close eye on the forecast. You’ll also want to choose your event date carefully and look at the weather patterns from past years to ensure you don’t inadvertently schedule during times known for inclement weather.

Let Professionals Help

When you hold a corporate event, your hosting represents your company. That means you want to put your best foot forward in every area. The venue, layout, staffing, speakers, vendors, food, and now post-pandemic, protecting the health of your attendees, are critical components that must be flawlessly combined. Working with a planning service ensures your event accomplishes everything you need and leaves your attendees happy and raving about their experience.

It’s time to stop stressing over planning your post-pandemic corporate event. Instead, focus your energy on things you’re passionate about and leave the event planning to our talented team. Then, you can feel excited going into your event and relax knowing that a professional planning team has handled the details, and all you need to do is show up. Contact King Sixteen today and let us design the perfect event for your company.