How does geo framing work?

1) Create a geo frame

Our agency can draw a digital frame around any building or building in the United States down to the square meter. Any device with location services turned on (94% of cell phones) can be captured and targeted for ads. This allows us to target very specific interest groups at home, work, or travel.

2) Trace back to Home IP

We can go back in time up to six months on geo-frame capture. This allows us to target a specific window of time at a building. For example, let’s say you wanted to capture the device ID’s at a medical equipment conference that happened two months ago. We can input the event start and end time and only capture devices that attended the event.
After device capture, we can trace back to their home IP addresses and deliver ads to all devices on their home network, including video ads to web and streaming services like Peacock, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

3) Deliver digital ads

After defining our geo-frame targets and time frame, we can deliver targeted ad content to those devices. Ads will propagate across all non-vice websites that support ads. In addition, we win our ad calls at a much higher clip because we are not looking for demographics, locations, or interests. Because we have captures the unique device ID, we are only targeting people that were inside of our geo frames.


Hyper Targeted

Because we are framing buildings during precise times, we can be certain we have the right interests. This means we save money by not wasting impressions on uninterested people.

Tailored Messaging

Due to the precision of the technology, we can curate ad content that speaks to the consumer in a very specific way. Because we know the places they frequent, our ads can deliver tailored verbiage to drive CTR (click-through rates).

Animated & Video Ads

our agency can design your creative and deliver compelling still image ads, animated ads, and/or video advertisements that can be delivered to streaming platforms like Hulu, Peacock TV, and more.

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An agency with geo-frame technology

we are a full-service digital marketing agency for brands and businesses. Our agency specializes in geo-framing campaigns that allow us to target devices based on the physical location of potential customers. We can do this by going back in time up to six months and framing a building without ever setting foot on the property. Then we can send targeted advertisements to the devices that stepped inside of our frame. This new technology eliminated the need for cookies and is highly accurate. See how the tech works below, and download our white paper.

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