9 Qualities to Look for When Choose Corporate Event Companies

When you’re planning a big event for your company, making the right choice on who to work with can be difficult. There are plenty of factors to consider, but once you know what traits you should be looking for in a potential partner business, sifting through the mountain of corporate event companies and finding the right choice for you becomes a lot easier.

Many companies will offer the world as they pitch their services to you. But there are a few simple traits that are especially important to make things run smoothly.

9 Qualities to Look for When Choosing Corporate Event Companies

1. Experience

Experience is important in any business, but when you’re running a corporate event, it becomes even more crucial. Your event might be designed to pull in a new customer base or form vital links with key players in your industry. It’s absolutely essential that things go right, and that’s just one of the reasons you’ll want to work with an established company boasting plenty of experience.

Our expert staff are veterans of dozens of high-end marketing campaigns and events. We’ve run the gauntlet, working those long hours to ensure events go exactly to plan, even in the most trying of circumstances. Whatever happens, we’ve got the experience to ensure we get you through and make things go off without a hitch. Any issue you can think of, we’ve dealt with it before, and when you work with us, we’ll use our experience to benefit you.

2. Portfolio

You’ll want to ensure any company you work with has an extensive record of working with big brands. After all, any established company worth its salt should be able to showcase plenty of real-life examples of work that has been completed on behalf of big-name clients. This shows that the company can walk the walk as well as talking the talk. At King Sixteen, we’ve got a vast portfolio, demonstrating the best of our abilities.

Having worked with the likes of Ray-Ban, Audi, and the Kentucky Derby, and many more, we’re extremely proud of our portfolio. We can demonstrate, in detail, how we took the marketing campaigns of several global brands to the next level, making use of all our collective talents and resources. What better way could there be to understand the work a marketing company can do for you than by checking out how they’ve already helped others?

3. Versatility

Corporate events come in a lot of different forms. From small tête-à-têtes with groups of high-flying executives to vast trade shows attracting thousands of people from across a range of industries, there are so many ways these events can be structured, and so many different forms they can take. While they might share the same basic principles, the different types of events have some key differences and they require some very different skillsets to be a success.

If you work with a company which only offers one specific type of event, you’re severely restricted in what kind of corporate event you can stage. The best option for you is to work with a business that can turn its hand to a variety of different event types, offering you adaptability when you need it. We’re experts at running all kinds of different corporate event structures and can adapt to your needs to create the perfect event.

4. Creativity

No matter who we are and no matter where we live, we come across plenty of advertising in our daily lives. From standard print pieces and television commercials to sponsored endorsements and viral marketing campaigns. Brands of all shapes and sizes fight a constant battle to grab our attention, and they’ve got an arsenal of techniques to convince us to give our business to the company they’re promoting.

That’s why when you’re shelling out on advertising, you can’t just settle for the same old boring ads. You need to work with a business bursting with creativity, capable of thinking outside the box and producing effective marketing campaigns which stand out in a sea of competition. We’ve got some of the brightest minds in the business on our side, able to use their collective imaginations to give your campaign a crucial edge.

5. Commitment

We all know that to get ahead in business, you have to go the extra mile. You’ve probably experienced it yourself, staying long hours, enduring sleepless nights, and making other sacrifices to ensure your enterprise is a success. So, it only makes sense that you’d want to work with others who share your commitment to success, people you can trust to keep pushing through the hard times and go the extra mile for you.

At King Sixteen, everything we do has an overarching philosophy of commitment to getting a good job done. We’re committed to the success of your brand and business, providing the highest quality customer care, and creating memorable, long-lasting experiences and partnerships. When we work hard, we all benefit, so you can always rely on us to work as hard as we can to see that you succeed.

6. Pricing

In the world of business, cash is king. When engaging a company to organize and run your corporate event, you’ll want to be sure you’re getting bang for your buck. We offer that in spades and can work with you to ensure you get excellent value for money.

We offer only the highest quality services, so when you work with us, you can be sure you’re getting excellent value for money. Consider it an investment into the future of your company and its long-term success.

7. Tech Know-How

Time stands still for no man. It’s true on an individual level and it’s important to remember in the world of business too. In the modern world, a successful corporate event can be organized as well as you like on the ground, but if it’s not backed up by the latest technology, it’s unlikely to reach its full potential. Every business needs a digital element, and that can be a little more complicated than setting up a social media account.

You need the services of a company which is thoroughly acquainted with all the latest tech and is capable of using it to your advantage. Here at King Sixteen, we’ve got the skill set required to make full use of the digital world. With our expertise in web graphic design, experiential marketing, and audio, visual, and sound mediums, we’ll make your event a hit in the real world as well as online.

8. All Round Service

There are a lot of different aspects which go into creating an amazing corporate event. For your event to be a success, you won’t just need to think about planning and promotion, but you’ll have to consider plenty of practical elements too. There’s security, catering sourcing, staffing, venue sourcing, valet, and so much more. But when you hire multiple companies to manage all these different factors, things can get confusing.

That’s why it pays to work with a business that can provide everything you need for a successful event. King Sixteen can provide all these services and more. When you consolidate all these aspects into one access point, it takes the pressure off you while ensuring added efficiency. If you hire multiple businesses to help with different aspects of the event, communication can be an issue, and mistakes can happen. Better to keep things simple whenever possible!

9. Quality Talent Buying

No great corporate event is complete without the addition of a little talent to put the cherry on the cake. Whether it’s a local comedian to act as an emcee or a global superstar, booking some quality talent to center your event around is a crucial element of event organizing. So, any business you engage to help with your event should be able to hire the right person for your event and take care of them throughout the process.

We’re experts in talent buying and can work with you to get the perfect guest for your event.  We can scout talent, navigate the booking process, and negotiate fair pricing for your event. It’s highly specialized work that can be the difference between an average event and a truly memorable occasion. With over 15 years of experience in this area, look to us for all your booking needs.

Whatever your needs and whatever kind of marketing you’re looking for, King Sixteen can help. We’ve got all the characteristics of a strong and successful company, and we’re happy to work with new clients to provide an amazing event that will suit your needs and work wonders for your business.

Even small corporate events can have a big impact on your business for years to come. You won’t want to take shortcuts on any aspect of the process. Only by working with a top-quality business like us can you be absolutely sure you’ll get the best service for your money and come away satisfied. Contact King Sixteen today for all your corporate event needs.