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The ‘Fastest two minutes in sports’ is also known for the extravagant parties, dinners, and Bourbon tastings that lead up to the big race. Oaks night is the evening before Derby day that hosts celebrities, jockeys, horse owners, and VIP’s to exclusive events around the city. Parties like Barnstable Brown, Esquire Derby, The Trifecta, Unbridled Eve, and more have always been star-studded opportunities to kick-off the big weekend in Louisville, KY. If you have interest in getting into these premier parties – King Sixteen is your ticket!

KY Derby Gala

The biggest Derby weekend events

We have access to the biggest parties and galas in the city for Kentucky Derby. Whether it’s front row for Stevie Wonder at The Trifecta Gala or VIP access to a private dinner and party at Rabbit Hole Distillery; we have packages that will accommodate any group.

U.S. Open Gala

Rub shoulders with tennis legends

Join us in NYC to witness some of the best names in tennis while enjoying top-notch entertainment and dining.

Art Basel

The biggest stars in art and entertainment

Each year we have access to a variety of exclusive events during Miami Art Basel, and 2018 will be no different. We bring together acclaimed artists, purveyors of fine art, and tastemakers to collaborate on exciting and vibrant events.

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